Steele & Associates knows what it takes and how to match employees with employers. Not only is it hard work and a lot of research, it takes intuition, creativity, persistence and strong ethics to put all the pieces in the right place. Steele & Associates has all of the above. With over twenty years in the recruiting business, and the expertise and contacts to make things happen, Steele & Associates is a proven leader in the recruiting profession. How did we do this in such a short time - we developed an extensive database of potential candidates in all of the major practice areas as well as an extensive database of national and international law firms and corporations and put it to work. We know who the outstanding lawyers are and where to find them - and we do. We know where the opportunities are and who’s looking - and we fill them.

We start with an initial consultation to help determine what your needs and objectives are. We provide candid and realistic advice about a successful placement. We discuss your academic and employment history, practice areas, compensation and the types of positions you’re considering. If your needs match the criteria for a certain firm or corporation we will then make the introduction. We have a long list of satisfied clients. Many tell us they were unsure about the recruiting process and were afraid of being pigeon-holed by a recruiter. We’ve all heard the stories - “I was sent out to a job that was nothing like what I told the recruiter I wanted”. The recruiting process doesn’t have to be that way. We have the professional ability to help with all your needs and to get you through the process, and on to a challenging and fulfilling career.

We understand and respect the needs of our clients. We will not submit any resume without your prior consent and acknowledgment. Confidentiality and discretion are of great importance in the career search process and we respect that.

We take the majority of the time-consuming recruiting process out of your hands and attend to every detail according to your criteria. Time is a precious commodity, and we don’t want to waste yours or ours on candidates who look good on paper, but whose personalities don’t fit the personality of your firm. We match candidates who meet the stated criteria, and who will be there in the long term. We will contact, screen, interview and then introduce you to only those candidates who meet your defined search criteria. We will provide a thorough evaluation of how and why we believe the candidate is a strong potential fit for your firm or company.

Our reputation is such that “we can find the best because we are the best!” We are the people people.